Zuko Baby

Zuko baby!

I have specialized in writing, editing and researching environmental issues for more than 20 years. My work has run the gamut of topics from renewable energy, energy efficiency and green buildings, to sustainable transportation, waste management and water conservation.

I’m also a pretty darned good maker of soup and a gardener. I mean, just look at this beauty of a zucchini, one of the last to come out of my 2014 veggie patch. I’ve also become an avid forager in the last year or so and you’ll often find me out along hydro cuts, in nearby parks or down along one of our city’s rivers harvesting garlic mustard, violets, dandelions, sumac and all manner of edible greenery. I mean, why buy food when nature will just give it to you for free?


©2015, Sharon Boddy. Unless otherwise indicated, all material, text and photos are the property of Sharon Boddy.


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