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General Writing (articles, web content, newsletters, PowerPoint content [slides, notes, activities, polls], ghost writer)

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4 responses to “Services & Contact

  1. Hi Sharon: I have been enjoying your blogs. You are a wonderful writer….. informative, amusing, sarcastic (love the what ifs). Its great to read someone who writes as plain and straightforward as I do. NO wasted words. Although I know most of this stuff now – I wish I had started when I was a lot younger – ah well – good thing you did instead. Susan

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  3. Hi Sharon. I just read your comment on the Neighbourwoods article I wrote for the KT and I’d love to connect with you about Virginia Creeper and Hampton Park trees.

    • Hi Andrea — that sounds great. Whatever info or advice I can give to help people save their trees, the better. Since this site is public I don’t want to give out my number here, so send me your number or email to and we can connect in private. I have a great story to share about the city forester who finally cut the vines off the spruce.


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