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5 responses to “Services & Contact

  1. Hi Sharon: I have been enjoying your blogs. You are a wonderful writer….. informative, amusing, sarcastic (love the what ifs). Its great to read someone who writes as plain and straightforward as I do. NO wasted words. Although I know most of this stuff now – I wish I had started when I was a lot younger – ah well – good thing you did instead. Susan

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  3. Hi Sharon. I just read your comment on the Neighbourwoods article I wrote for the KT and I’d love to connect with you about Virginia Creeper and Hampton Park trees.

    • Hi Andrea — that sounds great. Whatever info or advice I can give to help people save their trees, the better. Since this site is public I don’t want to give out my number here, so send me your number or email to and we can connect in private. I have a great story to share about the city forester who finally cut the vines off the spruce.


  4. Hi Sharon, I came across your name in the schedule of events for Tree Fest Ottawa. I’m very interested in what you’re writing about on here, and particularly interested in harvesting wild urban plants. I’m a student journalist and was wondering if I’d be able to do a quick interview with you about this. Let me know if you’re interested!

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