Carlington Nature Walk

Carlington Park meadow, looking west.

Carlington Park meadow, looking west.

Carlington Park and the Carlington Ski Hill have been in the news recently because of a proposed mountain bike park slated for the hill’s meadow.

Many Ottawans don’t even know about Carlington Park, which is a pity. It’s teeming with life, has one of the best views of the city, and is a haven for urbanites who can’t always get out into the country for some much-needed relaxation time.

Please join me and the Friends of Carlington for the Carlington Nature Walk, Sunday September 25, 2016 at 9:30 a.m.

Carlington Nature Walk

Imagine you’re a city kid, nine or ten years old. Maybe your parents don’t have much money, or they don’t own a car. For that kid, there may not be many opportunities to get out into nature and connect with something other than an app. For that kid Carlington Park is a little slice of wild.

Carlington Park is a jewel in Ottawa’s west end. Located in River Ward, Carlington has it all:  ball diamonds, a soccer field, wooded trails, meadows for daydreaming, steep slopes for those who like a good work out, and from the top, one of the best views of the city. But Carlington is more than a place to exercise or relax…it is teeming with life of all kinds!

Join the Friends of Carlington and amateur naturalist and forager Sharon Boddy this Sunday for a one-hour nature walk through Carlington Park.  You’ll learn about some of the plants, insects and birds that make the park home and perhaps even nibble on a few wild edibles!

Meet at the intersection of McBride Street and Lepage Avenue, just south of Raven Park (1500 Larose Avenue). The #14 OC Transpo bus will take you to Raven and McBride. Map below.

The walk includes a slope that is quite steep in places (20%+ grade) and through high grasses and other plants. Those with allergies should exercise due diligence. Wear sturdy, comfortable shoes and long pants. If the weather is reasonably warm, there will be gnats and other flying insects, so you may also wish to bring or apply bug spray.

For information, visit the Friends of Carlington Facebook page ( Let us know if you can make it by contacting either Linda Landry at, or Sharon Boddy at her website Consume Less, Live More (or on Twitter @DasBod).

McBride & Lepage intersection circled.

McBride & Lepage intersection circled.


4 responses to “Carlington Nature Walk

    • It was a real pleasure for me, Beverley. I had a lot of fun and found out new things along the way — I love how we all sort of filled-in-the-blanks for each other. I hope to do more in the future!

    • Very well. About 10 of us, which was a good number and I didn’t have to shout! I don’t think I told you but I’m teaching a beginner’s foraging class in November at the Dovercourt Recreation Centre, so the walk was a good “dry run” for some of the stuff I’ll be talking about. How’s tricks below the 49th?

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