Happy Go-Find-Some-Clover Day!

clover four leafIn some parts of the country—Vancouver you lucky ducks!—it’s already green and blooming. (Now that I think about it, ‘green and blooming’ could also describe some Canadians after a few St. Patrick’s Day brews.) In Ottawa it’s snowing lightly with some brisk gusts from time to time; but it’s not all bad. The recent thaw has shrunk the snow on the south side of the front yard and given me a peek at the imminent greenery.

The sedum is back, as are the wild strawberries, and I can see creeping Jenny creeping out from under the diminishing pile of snow. The creeping Charlie can’t be far behindsedum. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that under the snow plants are, at this very minute, sending out scouting parties.
Spring brings many wonderful things but it also reveals the detritus of our packaged lives that has been hidden for several months by the snow: the soda pop cans, candy wrappers, coffee cups, paper bags and plastic gewgaws. The plastic is the worst offender; birds and animals might mistakenly eat it and its light weight means it gets blown into our rivers and waterways.

strawberry wildThe annual Cleaning the Capital campaign is coming up in less than a month. Why not get a head start? The next time you’re on a walk round your own ‘hood this spring searching for the first of the clovers and violets and fiddleheads, bring along a plastic bag for the litter; if you’re really ambitious bring two: one for the crud, one for recycling. Gloves are recommended!

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